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    Opening hours:

    Monday 09:00 - 13:30MUDr. Karolina Šebková
    13:30 - 15:00aesthetic treatments on res.
    Tuesday 7:30 - 13:00MUDr. Jana Štorková
    Wednesday9:30 - 16:30MUDr. Karolina Šebková
    Thursday07:30 - 12:30MUDr. Jana Štorková
    12:30 - 16:00MUDr. Karolina Šebková
    Friday 8:00 - 12:30MUDr. Jana Štorková
    Sunday Closed


    Call us during office hours: +420 774 669 565.

    Free terms for reservation are currently in 4-6 weeks.

    We do consultations about:


    • Diagnosis and therapy of skin diseases for adults and children
    • Dermatoscopic examination of signs - manual and digital dermatoscopy
    • We are using a digital dermatoscope designed for skin examination. It creates a polarized snapshot of the skin with up to 20x magnification and saves it in a password protected database.
    • Prevention and therapy of skin cancer
    • Hair loss - diagnosis and therapy of increased hair loss

    Derma surgery

    • We do smaller surgeries


    • Botox and filler (hyaluronic acid) treatment
    • Injectional lipolysis treatment

    Our practice:

    In dermatology we provide comprehensive dermatology examination, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. We welcome both adults and children. We focus not only on treatment, but we also specialize in the prevention of skin tumors, especially malignant melanoma.

    We dermatoscopically investigate signs, freckles and other skin growths.

    We also care for young children with rashes, eczema and other skin problems.

    We also perform small aesthetic treatments like botox, hyaluronic acid and lipolysis.


    We accept patients from almost all health insurance companies.
    We are also investigating uninsured patients - payment in cash.

    We accept:

    • General Health Insurance Company - VZP
    • Professional Health Insurance Company - OZP
    • Military Health Insurance Company
    • Health Insurance Ministry of the Interior
    • Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company

    Price list:

    Offered health services not covered by public health insurance:

    • 600 CZK Full examination of an uninsured patient
    • 300 CZK Follow up examination of an uninsured patient
    • 900 CZK Examination outside the office hours
    • 500 CZK Examination of pigment marks with digital dermatoscope (except co.OZP-207)
    • 600 CZK Removement of skin fibromas 1-3 including local anesthesia
      • 100 CZK for removal of any additional fibromas
    • 300 CZK Removal of seborrhoic warts with liquid nitrogen (cosmetic indication) 1-3
      • 100 CZK for removal of any additional seborrhoic warts
    • 700 CZK Removement of skin fibromas by sharp little cutaneous curette (including local anesthesia)
    • 150 CZK Local anesthasia (injection or EMLA cream)
    • 200 CZK Print out of medical documentation
    • 300 CZK Consultation and cosmetic advise 15 minutes
    Price list of aesthetic performance:
    • 3500 CZK Botox for wrinkles on forehead
    • 3500 CZK Botox to the area between the eyebrows
    • 3500 CZK Botox for eye wrinkles
    • 6000 CZK Botox whole face (forehead, eyes, between eyebrows)
    • 8000 CZK Botox in the armpit
    • Application of hyaluronic acid:
      • 6500 CZK Juvederm Ultra 3 filling material: 1 ml
      • 5000 CZK SAYPHA Volume with lidocain: 1 ml
    • 1200 CZK Application of injection lipolysis: 1 ampoule (1 chin)
    • 2500 CZK Hair mesotherapy (Dermaheal Stem Crum, 1 application)

    We do not accept credit cards, only cash. Thank you.

    Where to find us:

    Poliklinika Čumpelíkova
    Dermatological and aesthetic ambulance

    Čumpelíkova 2
    Prague 8 - Kobylisy
    182 00

    Phone:  +420 774 669 565.

    Our office is in the children's section of the clinic, to the left of the main entrance on the ground floor.


    Our Doctors:

    Jana Štorková


    1988 - 1994 skin department. Hospital Kralupy n / Vlt., Skin clinic OÚNZ Mělník, polyclinic VFN Klimentská Praha 1, skin department. Vysočany Prague 9

    1994 - 2008 Health Practice of Odolena Voda

    2004 - present practice of the clinic Čumpelíkova, Prague 8


    1988 Graduation 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

    1991 test dermatovenerology of 1st stage

    1993 course basics of homeopathic therapy INSTITUT BOIRON

    1995 acupuncture course, IPVZ, Prague

    2000 test of dermatovenerology II stage

    2012 licence CLC for the performance of the Head Physician and Primary in dermatovenerology

    2014 Yoga License III

    2015 Salzburg Weill Corner Seminar in Dermatology

    2015 CURRY TIME WORK - Liberec Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

    2018 Yoga License A

    Karolina Šebková


    2008 - 2009 Kladno Hospital, Dermatovenerological Department

    2008 - 2010 Medicentrum Beroun, dermatovenerology office

    2010 - 2011 Kings College, Guys & St.Thomas Hospital, dermatovenerology, London, UK

    2011 - 2013 Central Military Hospital, Prague, dermatovenerology department

    2011 - 2016 Sante s.r.o., Prague, dermatovenerology office

    2014 - present Poliklinika Čumpelikova, Prague 8, dermatology and aesthetic office


    2007 Graduation 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

    2007 English as a foreign language certificate, Charles University, Praha

    2012 certificate acupuncture, IPVZ, Prague

    2015 Euroderm Excellence Diploma, Nice, France

    2016 specialization in dermatovenerology

    2016 certified training for application of botox and hyaluronic acid, Allergan Medical Aestetics Academy, Prague

    2016 licence of the Czech Medical Chamber for performance of private medical practice, for the exercise of a lecturer in medical practice, for the performance of a professional representative function and for the provision of counseling services in the field

    Our nurse:

    Radka Martincová, DiS

    2001 Higher Medical School May 5, P4
    field of study Diploma general nurse

    2001 - present Registration in the Czech Nursing Association